Sunday, October 10, 2010

A different language is a different vision of life. ~Federico Fellini

This will be an ongoing post on the idioms, expressions, and colloquialisms of the Spanish language. These are a few that I have learned during the month and a half I have been here. Enjoy!

hacer los barquitos: (literally: the make little ships) what you say when you use bread to mop of the sauce of a salad or meat.

puente: (bridge) a break, day off. Like when you have 3 days off of school or something.

acueducto: (aqueduct) very colloquial. It is when you have a long break, like Christmas Break.

El mundo es como un pañuelo: (the word is like a tissue) it's a small world.

quedarse frita: very colloquial. It is like when you are crashed while sleeping. Like after a long day.

miga: there is no equivalent in English. It is the white/center part of bread. But not like Wonder-type bread, like French bread.

comer con los ojos: (eat with your eyes) kinda like 'your eyes are bigger than your stomach'

hacerse un lío: to make a mess; to be confused; to be lost; to be in a state of confusion. I think there are many meanings to this phrase, so still learning more!

Freaky (used as a way to refer to self or someone else): unlike in the US, where this word has a negative connotation, this is used like 'geek', 'nerd', or pretty much anything the speaker wants. Like there was this guy playing a computer game on the bus, and his friend called him 'Freaky' to get his attention.

A bocadilla refers to a sandwich made out of french bread or something similar. A sandwich is a sandwich made out of 'sandwich bread' or formed bread, like we have in the States. Interesting...

Nuez (walnut): also the word for the lump on a man's throat. Yes, the apple in English. They loved that.

aguafiesta: (water-party) spoilsport. Like rain on your party.

saltamontes: ('mountain jumper') grasshopper

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  1. Los refranes! I love that you posted these. They made me smile. You'll have to keep this list to show Stickney when you get back. She will LOVE it. She's given out a couple of lists in her 400-level classes of colloquial terms and phrases.